3rd Battalion, 77th Artillery,
3rd Howitzer Battalion, or
3rd Battalion, 77th Field Artillery Regiment

Van Nuys California


Served in World Wars I & II. In WW II served as Battery C, 77th Field Artillery, Battery C, 634th Field Artillery Battalion, or Battery C, and 77th Field Artillery Battalion until unit was disbanded on 1 August 1946.

Reconstituted 27 June 1958 in the Regular Army and redesignated as HHB, 3rd Battalion, 77th Artillery. Changed to 3rd Howitzer Battalion, 77th Artillery (1959) and moved Army rolls to Army Reserves and assigned to 63rd Infantry Division, USAR

The Battalion was activated 1 May 1959 with Headquarters at Van Nuys, California and until 1965, the unit performed their training at the 'Lt. Patrick Daniels' US Army Reserve Center. In 1963, they became the 3rd Battalion, 77th Artillery and remained so until inactivated 31 December 1965 at Van Nuys, California, and relieved from assignment to the 63d Infantry Division.

Redesignated 1 September 1971 as the 3rd Battalion, 77th Field Artillery (still inactive).

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Collins Elliot   ? ? SP4 ? ? No  Need Email and Unit Info
Lash Anthony   3-77 61-65 CPT     Yes  Need Email and Unit Info
Paulson Theodore W A, 3-77 63-65 CPT Btry Cdr, S-4 CA Yes MG (Ret) Deceased November 2011
Raddatz Richard   3-77 61-67 CPT Btry Cdr CA Yes Richard Raddatxz 07-24-2012
Yoffie Norwin S 3-77 6?-65 LTC Battalion Cdr CA No  Last Battalion Commander

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