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When you click on Submit Membership Application, an email with all of your entered information is sent to the Association Secretary, Don Yowell, for entry into the Association Member database. You should see a pop up window appear confirming the information that was emailed to Don as well as our Treasurer, Fred Taylor. Please send your dues check or money order for the appropriate amount for dues and/or pin to the Association Treasurer. He will confirm receipt of your funds via email to our Secretary so that your pin and membership information can be sent to you. Please mail your check or money order to:

Fred Taylor, Treasurer
Email: Treasurer@77fa.org   
Address and Phone Numbers: Available by Email Request Only - Hackers

Should you require status follow up, or choose to send a membership application or necessary information by U.S. Postal Service, contact or send it to:

Donald Yowell, Secretary
Email: Secretary@77fa.org,
Address and Phone Numbers: Available by Email Request Only - Hackers

Note: Donations to the Association are tax deductible as we are incorporated as a
registered (501) (C) (19) Military Association but Association DUES are not deductible.

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Last Update - October 30, 2014