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The 77th Artillery Association reunion is open to all veterans and their families who were supported by the 77th or who supported us.  We were all part of a great team that truly made the sum greater than the parts.  As many an artillery commander used to say, the only reason for our existence is to support the infantry.  Please Come join us.  If you know anyone who served in the 77th Artillery Regiment, past or present, please let them know about the association.

Many of you know other 77th Artillery Regiment Veterans - so please contact them and be sure ask them to join.  Each year, our reunion promises to be better than the past.  We get a chance to renew lost friendships and make new ones.  All of us that have attended past reunions have been glad we did;  it seems to settle some things and make you more confortable. Prior reunion events were outstanding and enjoyed by all.

If you have not joined the 77th Field Artillery Regiment Association, please do so before our annual reunion.  One reason for asking to join before our annual reunion is because the 77th FARA President chairs the association annual meeting and per our constitution, we elect only the Third Vice President and we want everyone interested to be able to participate.

If anyone is interested in running for the office of President, VP or Secretary, or would like to nominate someone for the offices, please e-mail President, 77th Field Artillery Association (FARA) at President (at) 77fara.org

One year dues is $20.00 and Lifetime membership is $100.00.  We are a registered 501 c 19 Military organization.  Contributions are tax deductible, but not dues.  We record all contrbutions on the membership database maintained by our Secretary.  However, we do not send out individual contribution information or forms at tax time.

Once the Secretary gets the application with check, they will make the dues deposit, and record the contribution information in the member's record.  After depositing funds, information is sent to the Treasurer to record on system. At tax time, the Association will publish our corporate ID number so contributors can claim their deduction.

The Association believes "lifetime" is the better choice, as you don't have to keep up with year to year dues.

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Last Update - March 4, 2018