77th Field Artillery Regiment Association Reunion Photos - 2013

The reunion was held at the Amelia Hotel, Fernandina Beach, Florida, on the beautiful Ameilia Island 2nd year in a row. Fernandina Beach is the NE most point in Florida. The next island to the north is Cumberland Island, Georgia. Cumberland Island was the winter home of several notables such as the Carnegies and Rockefellers. Amelia Island is 18.5 miles north to south and 2.5 miles east to west.

The hotel overlooked a pristine beach on the Atlantic Ocean and an excellent seafood restaurant with a beachside Tiki Bar that served as a convenient TOC. We had the banquet on Friday night that included an all you can eat dinner and an open bar. The women enjoyed shopping in the "open mall" of Fernandina and the many fine dining spots downtown.

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1. Certificate attesting that Flag was Flown by 2 Battalion (Steel), 77th Artillery, Task Force Steel Warrior, over Afghanistan on July 4, 2012. Donated by Commander, 2/77th Fort Carson, to 77th Field Artillery Association. Flag was later raffled to eligible 77th Association Vets as Grand Prize.


2. Jesse Brown Jr arriving to sign in at Reunion.


3. Steve Kelly, right, owner of Kelly Pest Control and host at Banquet Hall, good friend of 77th FARA.


4. Fred Taylor, right, treasurer of 77th FARA along with another 77th Vietnam Vet at dinner location.


5. Steve Kelly (Left), Vice Mayor, Charlie Corbett, Fernandina Beach (2nd From Left), Jim Bowers (former 77th FARA Secretary), and Paul Guetter (2013-2014 President), right, gathering for Certificate of Appreciation ceremony.


6. Steve Kelly, Jim Bowers, and Charlie Corbett, VIce Mayor of Fernandina Beach introductions.


7. Jim Bowers (left), Charlie Corbett, Fernandina Beach Vice Mayor (center), and Paul Guetter (right) chatting before ceremony


8. Jim Bowers (left), Charlie Corbett, Vice Mayor (center), and Paul Guetter receiving Certificate of Appreciation from City for making Fernandina Beach the reunion location for 2nd year in a row.


9. Celebration Cake for 2014 FARA Reunion.


10. Mike and Pault cutting cake.


11. Paul presenting Ladies Grand Prize winner, Mary Schmidtner, the $50.00 Gift Certificate Card. Jessie Brown (right corner) and husbandJoe Schmidtner (and others) look on as Mary receives card.


12. Manning Shuler, 77th Artillery Vietnam Veteran, receives flag that flew over Afghanistan at Task Force Steel Warrior headquarters on July 4, 2012. Flag donated to 77th FARA by Commander, 2nd Battalion, 77th Field Artillery Battalion, Fort Carson, Colarado.


13. John Avera (2011-2012 President) receives Saint Barbara's Day award. Presented by friend and past president (2012-2013) - Mike Maynard (left). Paul Guetter, current president, looks on.

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